Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mad weekend

After an early social on Friday I woke up fairly refreshed on Saturday morning ... all ready for my mosaic class with Phoenix Steel. Very little tuition, much concentration, millions of glass shards and glue everywhere, an antique necklace/bracelet bargain, and five hours later, we left with a little more appreciation for the wounded bleeding hands and glue-gobbed fingers and colour-confused palettes that accompany a mosaic-making than we had previously. Photos to follow.

Starved we raced to Toni's which was very pretty and warm for the cold Saturday afternoon ... but the waitress forgot to give me my leftover HALF a large pizza :( she sucks. And they're really expensive for what you get. We used to love slapping about at Toni's in Rietondale with Irene and Kenzy and Nats and Grant and anyone else who cared to be there. But somehow the magic is gone. Didn't have the awesome chocolate pizza cause I couldn't think of a good enough reason. Weird. As average as the experience was, I would suggest trying the dessert pizzas :)

Anyway we missed the Standard Bank Arts Masters series exhibition cause we were arting for so long ourselves shad faish. We got home and crashed for 90 mins was epic. We awoke and hurried off to Herril's for a braai with Ez, Nuka, Clint, Nicki, Pule, Megen, Terri J and the two of us. Was delish. I nearly died of Mocambique sauce*.

We got home late after staying to watch some awfully-scripted dance movie (the quality of the script was indirectly proportional to the quality of the phemomenal dancing). We woke up tired and we rushed to get to the cupcake place to drop off cupcake wrappers and ribbon for the cake. The ribbon my mother bought is all pearly and diamondy and costs an exhorbitant amount of money. I didn't understand that ribbon could cost that much ... but then I saw the ribbon. I want a whole dress made of it! It's divine. Not gonna say how much cause it doesn't make sense unless you see it :)

Went past Cresta to fetch jewellery I left in a store there - may've bought earrings while I was there too! Bad Tess. There was no polaroid film extra shad faish. Found Livy a gift and then drove from Cresta all the way to Garstfontein to Rustica for her birthday lunch. Was good to see Marky Mark and Blake ... and Jo and Candice and Nats and Ilana again ... and some other people :)

Went home and watched Bridesmaids** and the Departed. I made scram egg on toast for everyone (which was highly appreciated) and fell asleep.

That, friends and lovers, was my weekend ....

* Yes that's an offical cause of death
** !


Phoenix Steel said...

Also watched Blood: The last Vampire

You forgot :(

Tesscat said...

AND WE WATCHED BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE. It was so epic and amazing that it blew all memory from my mind and thus I did not remember it and thus forgot it. And thus it appears not in my post. But I will remember next time.