Monday, December 15, 2014


Eep! So I was caught out with outdated details when York Zucchi invited me to guest blog ... he magically posted and included my digital highway exits (love the analogy) ... one of which is this blog. An OLD blog - touched for the very first time since 2012.

In my effort to Madonnify it ... I shall have to be posting more regularly! Some cars (trucks, taxis, buses, and bikes) might not make it to my digital highway if I don't!

As an aside - anyone know how to get LinkedIn to update to your blog?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy birthday to ME!

So it's my birthday! Well ... on 12 December 2012 but that's three weeks away which is rather close.

Please feel free to buy me any of the following:

1) Snap Happy by Essie. Not Too Hot, Braziliant, or Meet Me at Sunset.

Item: Essie Snap Happy
Price: About R90
Available at: Dischem or Stuttafords

2) Suprise box! (not such a surprise) (R350)

Item: The Collention III
Price: R350
Available at:

3) Tickets (I don't want to go alone) to see Potted Potter at Montecasino. Row 4 or 5 somewhere near the middle will be just fine.

Item: Tickets to Potted Potter
Price: R250 (R500 for two tix)
Available at: Computicket

4) Instax Mini 7S film for my polaroid camera!

Item: Fugifilm Instax Mini 7S film
Price: R139 per 10 pack (you may buy as many packs as you like!)
Available at: All Fugi Film outlets (including Cresta and Centurion) - call before you go to check if they have stock otherwise they will order for you.

5) Speader bar double hammock

Item: Spreader bar double hammock
Price: R495
Available at:
Do: MUST have a spreader bar!!

6) MAC Lipglass Clear

Item: MAC Lipglass Clear
Price: About R130
Available at: MAC Stores and Edgars

7) 2013 Hyundai Accent Automatic GLS

Item: Hyundai Accent GLS (Automatic)
Price: About R160 000
Available at: Hyundai SA

8) Apple iPhone 4S or 5

Item: Apple iPhone 4S or 5
Price: About R11 500
Available at: Kalahari
See here

And that is my measly little list of stuff ... feel free to buy as many of the above as possible.

The end.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My six near-death Victoria Falls experiences

Seeing as that my dad's from Zim (Rhodesia back then), I decided a long time ago that I wanted to go to Zim and see Vic Falls. I learned on my trip that it's one of the seven natural wonders of the world from two bearded buskers who had just spent a year travelling and visiting each wonder. Vic Falls was the last on their list. It may or may not have sparked some ideas :)

Anyway it was super hot, super expensive (activities etc.) and super amazing. I also had several near death experiences (NDEs) See pics below:

Sunset cruise on the Friday night Zambezi


Nathan claims it was fake cause it didn't move and the boat was so close it could have eaten me (NDE#1)
Near death experience #2 & #3: White water rafting
No photos of the white water rafting sadly ... although maybe it was better that way! 28 kms of furious water, dodging the gauntlet of mini crocs and fish eagles catching snakes out of the water was tiring. Not to mention the treacherous climb back up the gorge at the end! Should have gotten the chopper to pick us up :)

Falls from the chopper

Gorge (we started rafting here just before the bridge top left)

Saw about 100 elephants just before we landed!
Went straight from chopper ride to steamtrain run to the bridge

Near death experience #4 & #5:
Was running and fell on my face (NDE#4). Broke my leg and patella (not really). After sunset drinks on the bridge we travelled back to Victoria Station. Had the best pizza in the WORLD at the Panarotti's at the casino and crawled home to bed. Thank goodness for my spidey direction sense. Didn't sleep properly again cause of the heat and the mozzies blegh (NDE#5).

Near death experience #5:
Next day we woke early for a gorge swing ... where (if you don't know) you jump out into open air over a lot of rocks and water a long way down! Pretty scary but decided to star jump into the gorge (as opposed to swinging into it) but I jumped a bit far and caught a hectic whiplash which made me really unhappy. Sad face. But Nathan's was fine :)

Near death experience #6:
Walked across the border back to the Zambian side to visit the Devil's Pool which my lovely cousin Lottie told us about the last time she was in SA. Said it was pretty amazing so we walked there and found a guide (whose name was Vinda) and he took us to the pool at the edge of the falls. It's a nice walk across 1700 metres' worth of rocks and stream (not really sure where Livingstone Island itself is hehe), with a little swim thrown in. The water was divinely warm, the current not too strong ... and soon we were told to jump into the pool - see below (these are pics of polaroid pics we took).

There were loads of lil fishies eating at our legs which was cute but got annoying. Vinda was awesome - took great video going to see if I can edit it down and stick it on the youtube or facebook machine. And we chilled there and later on walked back and swam at the lodge and chilled. Best near death experience of the trip!

Caution: Skiing on the road allowed

Cutie pie sweetie cakes!
And we slept like bombs and woke up early and packed and had a monster brekkie and were on our way back home! It was awesome I'd encourage everyone to (save up and then) go :)

Kudos to Schluffy for a rad wend too :)

Friday, September 28, 2012



So Zapiro as we know more or less has a sense of humour ... here's the latest:

Mail & Guardian 2012-09-28

If you haven't seen the original then you are sad. Click below to enlighten yourself and be cool (like Prenuka - it's up to 299, 599, 841!!).

Do the horsey!

In my extensive research for this post I found this clip which is pretty funny but I would have preferred Simon over Britney :)

Saexxxxy LAYdeeeeees!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr & Mrs Smith's wedding!

How fine a day for a wedding Sunday was!

My sister is finally Mrs Smith and I finally caught a bouquet :)

We sincerely missed everyone who wasn't able to make it :( ... but official photos are out next week so I'm not allowed to post others yet lol ... but here's one of the two gorgeous bridesmaids, and some awesome friends!

Anni & Tess

Lyk ... SEW pirty!!

Some other people

Sorry people that's all for now!

Love and kisses

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mad weekend

After an early social on Friday I woke up fairly refreshed on Saturday morning ... all ready for my mosaic class with Phoenix Steel. Very little tuition, much concentration, millions of glass shards and glue everywhere, an antique necklace/bracelet bargain, and five hours later, we left with a little more appreciation for the wounded bleeding hands and glue-gobbed fingers and colour-confused palettes that accompany a mosaic-making than we had previously. Photos to follow.

Starved we raced to Toni's which was very pretty and warm for the cold Saturday afternoon ... but the waitress forgot to give me my leftover HALF a large pizza :( she sucks. And they're really expensive for what you get. We used to love slapping about at Toni's in Rietondale with Irene and Kenzy and Nats and Grant and anyone else who cared to be there. But somehow the magic is gone. Didn't have the awesome chocolate pizza cause I couldn't think of a good enough reason. Weird. As average as the experience was, I would suggest trying the dessert pizzas :)

Anyway we missed the Standard Bank Arts Masters series exhibition cause we were arting for so long ourselves shad faish. We got home and crashed for 90 mins was epic. We awoke and hurried off to Herril's for a braai with Ez, Nuka, Clint, Nicki, Pule, Megen, Terri J and the two of us. Was delish. I nearly died of Mocambique sauce*.

We got home late after staying to watch some awfully-scripted dance movie (the quality of the script was indirectly proportional to the quality of the phemomenal dancing). We woke up tired and we rushed to get to the cupcake place to drop off cupcake wrappers and ribbon for the cake. The ribbon my mother bought is all pearly and diamondy and costs an exhorbitant amount of money. I didn't understand that ribbon could cost that much ... but then I saw the ribbon. I want a whole dress made of it! It's divine. Not gonna say how much cause it doesn't make sense unless you see it :)
Went past Cresta to fetch jewellery I left in a store there - may've bought earrings while I was there too! Bad Tess. There was no polaroid film extra shad faish. Found Livy a gift and then drove from Cresta all the way to Garstfontein to Rustica for her birthday lunch. Was good to see Marky Mark and Blake ... and Jo and Candice and Nats and Ilana again ... and some other people :)

Went home and watched Bridesmaids** and the Departed. I made scram egg on toast for everyone (which was highly appreciated) and fell asleep.

That, friends and lovers, was my weekend ....

* Yes that's an offical cause of death
** !

Monday, September 10, 2012

Simi's awesome bachelorettes!

So on Friday I didn't post  my myriad plans for this past weekend as my sister's bachelorette's was going to be a surprise :)

Friday night I took off from the studio to prep Anni's folks house (thanks guys!!) and arrange things ... sort out games, prizes, and gifts. Due to inclement weather (I think Thursday's hail and rain and 95 recorded accidents amounted to something rather more than inclement) we decided not to set up the fairy lights, chinese lanterns, and feathers/feather boas and wooden table and chairs on the Thursday and Friday. Which means I had to be at Anni at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Eep. Needless to say I escaped the early morning as I had to go past the Oriental Plaza in Centurion to aquire more feather boas and fairy lights. The theme was Burlesque and the decor needed to match!

Ooh la la!

After rushing to Anni's (thanks to Miche and Anni's ballies and Dyson and Louie) and helping them set up I rushed back to Simi to fetch her for manis and pedis. We made it just in time and then went for lunch with Anni. Simi was suspicious but her bachelorette fears were allayed when we really did just fetch Anni and go for lunch. Mythos in Design Square was YOMSH!

A disarmed and food-heavy Simi unwittingly aided our plans by suggesting we go inside and say hi to Anni's mom. As Anni pulled open the garage door, 13 crazy, colourful, sexy women screaming freaked the crap out of both Simi and I. I nearly had an anurism. I'm not sure why I was so shocked I did know they'd be there :)


All the girls dressed up AMAZINGLY! Looking super hot and fancy ... we had some drinks, played Know your groom and got on to the serious business of the now infamous Anni & Tess photo booth!

Photo booth 

When the Bare Butt Butlers arrived another round of photo booth happened ... those poor men!

Mr Buttler
They were very lovely ... nice guys, can cook food, serve drinks, have fun, AND they had nice bums!! Roxy next time I'll remember to keep an eye on you. I'm just saying.

Herril even made them dance! The bachata/kizomba/salsa/merengue lesson was AWESOME! Thank you so much Mr Herril!! Not sure my mom has ever seen me dance like that hehe ... but I'm sure she'll be fine :)

Dyson did an awesome job of the music and Louie was very delightfully sweet and the fireman's outfit and lack of clothes on his upper body somehow didn't detract from his general loveliness. If only he was ten years older.

My mom might've been a little enthusiastic too.

Shooter rounds, bottomless hubblies, penis paraphernalia, punch, crazy masks, awesome music, and FANTASTIC company made for an unforgettable evening. Except for Shaye and Claire who forgot some things.

The gifts were to die for :) thank you to everyone for beautiful things, craploads of fun, and a general ricockulous time!

Mwah mwah also to you Anni you are the BEST CO-BRIDESMAID ever!!

The end.