Monday, September 10, 2012

Simi's awesome bachelorettes!

So on Friday I didn't post  my myriad plans for this past weekend as my sister's bachelorette's was going to be a surprise :)

Friday night I took off from the studio to prep Anni's folks house (thanks guys!!) and arrange things ... sort out games, prizes, and gifts. Due to inclement weather (I think Thursday's hail and rain and 95 recorded accidents amounted to something rather more than inclement) we decided not to set up the fairy lights, chinese lanterns, and feathers/feather boas and wooden table and chairs on the Thursday and Friday. Which means I had to be at Anni at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Eep. Needless to say I escaped the early morning as I had to go past the Oriental Plaza in Centurion to aquire more feather boas and fairy lights. The theme was Burlesque and the decor needed to match!

Ooh la la!

After rushing to Anni's (thanks to Miche and Anni's ballies and Dyson and Louie) and helping them set up I rushed back to Simi to fetch her for manis and pedis. We made it just in time and then went for lunch with Anni. Simi was suspicious but her bachelorette fears were allayed when we really did just fetch Anni and go for lunch. Mythos in Design Square was YOMSH!

A disarmed and food-heavy Simi unwittingly aided our plans by suggesting we go inside and say hi to Anni's mom. As Anni pulled open the garage door, 13 crazy, colourful, sexy women screaming freaked the crap out of both Simi and I. I nearly had an anurism. I'm not sure why I was so shocked I did know they'd be there :)


All the girls dressed up AMAZINGLY! Looking super hot and fancy ... we had some drinks, played Know your groom and got on to the serious business of the now infamous Anni & Tess photo booth!

Photo booth 

When the Bare Butt Butlers arrived another round of photo booth happened ... those poor men!

Mr Buttler
They were very lovely ... nice guys, can cook food, serve drinks, have fun, AND they had nice bums!! Roxy next time I'll remember to keep an eye on you. I'm just saying.

Herril even made them dance! The bachata/kizomba/salsa/merengue lesson was AWESOME! Thank you so much Mr Herril!! Not sure my mom has ever seen me dance like that hehe ... but I'm sure she'll be fine :)

Dyson did an awesome job of the music and Louie was very delightfully sweet and the fireman's outfit and lack of clothes on his upper body somehow didn't detract from his general loveliness. If only he was ten years older.

My mom might've been a little enthusiastic too.

Shooter rounds, bottomless hubblies, penis paraphernalia, punch, crazy masks, awesome music, and FANTASTIC company made for an unforgettable evening. Except for Shaye and Claire who forgot some things.

The gifts were to die for :) thank you to everyone for beautiful things, craploads of fun, and a general ricockulous time!

Mwah mwah also to you Anni you are the BEST CO-BRIDESMAID ever!!

The end.


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