Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy birthday to ME!

So it's my birthday! Well ... on 12 December 2012 but that's three weeks away which is rather close.

Please feel free to buy me any of the following:

1) Snap Happy by Essie. Not Too Hot, Braziliant, or Meet Me at Sunset.

Item: Essie Snap Happy
Price: About R90
Available at: Dischem or Stuttafords

2) Suprise box! (not such a surprise) (R350)

Item: The Collention III
Price: R350
Available at:

3) Tickets (I don't want to go alone) to see Potted Potter at Montecasino. Row 4 or 5 somewhere near the middle will be just fine.

Item: Tickets to Potted Potter
Price: R250 (R500 for two tix)
Available at: Computicket

4) Instax Mini 7S film for my polaroid camera!

Item: Fugifilm Instax Mini 7S film
Price: R139 per 10 pack (you may buy as many packs as you like!)
Available at: All Fugi Film outlets (including Cresta and Centurion) - call before you go to check if they have stock otherwise they will order for you.

5) Speader bar double hammock

Item: Spreader bar double hammock
Price: R495
Available at:
Do: MUST have a spreader bar!!

6) MAC Lipglass Clear

Item: MAC Lipglass Clear
Price: About R130
Available at: MAC Stores and Edgars

7) 2013 Hyundai Accent Automatic GLS

Item: Hyundai Accent GLS (Automatic)
Price: About R160 000
Available at: Hyundai SA

8) Apple iPhone 4S or 5

Item: Apple iPhone 4S or 5
Price: About R11 500
Available at: Kalahari
See here

And that is my measly little list of stuff ... feel free to buy as many of the above as possible.

The end.