Friday, October 19, 2012

My six near-death Victoria Falls experiences

Seeing as that my dad's from Zim (Rhodesia back then), I decided a long time ago that I wanted to go to Zim and see Vic Falls. I learned on my trip that it's one of the seven natural wonders of the world from two bearded buskers who had just spent a year travelling and visiting each wonder. Vic Falls was the last on their list. It may or may not have sparked some ideas :)

Anyway it was super hot, super expensive (activities etc.) and super amazing. I also had several near death experiences (NDEs) See pics below:

Sunset cruise on the Friday night Zambezi


Nathan claims it was fake cause it didn't move and the boat was so close it could have eaten me (NDE#1)
Near death experience #2 & #3: White water rafting
No photos of the white water rafting sadly ... although maybe it was better that way! 28 kms of furious water, dodging the gauntlet of mini crocs and fish eagles catching snakes out of the water was tiring. Not to mention the treacherous climb back up the gorge at the end! Should have gotten the chopper to pick us up :)

Falls from the chopper

Gorge (we started rafting here just before the bridge top left)

Saw about 100 elephants just before we landed!
Went straight from chopper ride to steamtrain run to the bridge

Near death experience #4 & #5:
Was running and fell on my face (NDE#4). Broke my leg and patella (not really). After sunset drinks on the bridge we travelled back to Victoria Station. Had the best pizza in the WORLD at the Panarotti's at the casino and crawled home to bed. Thank goodness for my spidey direction sense. Didn't sleep properly again cause of the heat and the mozzies blegh (NDE#5).

Near death experience #5:
Next day we woke early for a gorge swing ... where (if you don't know) you jump out into open air over a lot of rocks and water a long way down! Pretty scary but decided to star jump into the gorge (as opposed to swinging into it) but I jumped a bit far and caught a hectic whiplash which made me really unhappy. Sad face. But Nathan's was fine :)

Near death experience #6:
Walked across the border back to the Zambian side to visit the Devil's Pool which my lovely cousin Lottie told us about the last time she was in SA. Said it was pretty amazing so we walked there and found a guide (whose name was Vinda) and he took us to the pool at the edge of the falls. It's a nice walk across 1700 metres' worth of rocks and stream (not really sure where Livingstone Island itself is hehe), with a little swim thrown in. The water was divinely warm, the current not too strong ... and soon we were told to jump into the pool - see below (these are pics of polaroid pics we took).

There were loads of lil fishies eating at our legs which was cute but got annoying. Vinda was awesome - took great video going to see if I can edit it down and stick it on the youtube or facebook machine. And we chilled there and later on walked back and swam at the lodge and chilled. Best near death experience of the trip!

Caution: Skiing on the road allowed

Cutie pie sweetie cakes!
And we slept like bombs and woke up early and packed and had a monster brekkie and were on our way back home! It was awesome I'd encourage everyone to (save up and then) go :)

Kudos to Schluffy for a rad wend too :)

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MissyM said...

Ok, three points I must now make!
1) I agree with Nate, that croc is animatronic.
2) There is just abolutely no way in this entire universe that you had the best pizza at a Panarottis. Just not possible.
3) Your trip sounds Dee-vine. I now MUST GO!