Friday, August 31, 2012

This weekend!

So this weekend (as a friend of mine does weekly) I've decided to post my upcoming plans ... just for fun.

Friday: farewell drinks for a colleague (means I get to leave the office NOW and go chill at Fire and Ice Melrose Arch)
Friday later: Salsa social at Dance Cafe! Best Friday night by far ;)

Saturday morning: haircut! Love how short it is the first day!
Saturday morning later: hot stone massages and lunch with Mom (Mother's Day present)
Saturday afternoon: teach sister's fiance to dance
Saturday evening: Dance Cafe's 5th birthday party! Wild wild West style! Yeeeee-Haaaah!

Sunday morning: Church :)
Sunday after church: shopping at Cresta (hearts) with Jo
Sunday after shopping: Braai with friendy and friendy family
Sunday after braai: dancing with Simi and Kyle
Sunday night: MAYBE see my poor boyfriend :)

That is all!



Samantha Barwise said...

That friend that does this on a weekly basis must be AWESOME ;-)

Have a cracker weekend my dear!

Samantha Barwise said...
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Tesscat said...

Awesomesauciest friend EVER!!