Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's Resolutions Schmesolutions

So a quick note to quietly decree my continued annoyance at every single newsletter, blog post, update including anything relating to the New Year. It's the friggin 18th already.

"So it's a new year!" (Um yes I've been living on a Gregorian calendar for 27 years I'm quite aware it's a new year) ... "Time for new beginnings!" (Hush now stop compensating for all the crap you failed to do in all the time you've been living).

I'm so bored of it - and irritated.

Even my good undetermined wolf friend has turned determined: Although I do admire his proactivity.

The End


MissyM said...

Your wolf friend you say... :-)

Btw - the word verification word I need to type in for you to see this comment is PORKELIT. Only sharing 'cause I think it is a cool word and we should try and come up with a meaning for it and see if we can get it included in the urban dictionary.

Tesscat said...

Congrats on getting that licence btw :)